Accommodations Highlights

The Berkshires/Vermont Fall Trip gives guests a unique combination of the best accommodations in both regions. From the chic and modern industrial feel of the Porches Inn to traditional overnight accommodations in quaint Vermont bed & breakfasts, this trip provides insight into the different aesthetic of each region.

While guests won’t be spending too much time in their hotel or inn, we ensure that each spot has top-notch relaxation space. From rocking chairs on a front porch, to spacious living rooms, guests will have the opportunity to relax, enjoy a drink and take in the environment of each destination.

Accommodations Highlights on the Vermont and Northern Berkshires Tour

The Dorset Inn

Established in 1796, The Dorset Inn is Vermont’s oldest continuously operated Inn. Renowned locally and nationally for its gracious, welcoming atmosphere and historical nature. The Inn has individually decorated overnight accommodations, whimsical décor, period furnishings, well-preserved architectural details, wide pine floors, and a cozy restored tavern.

The Porches Inn

A boutique inn with an expansive view of MASS MoCA from its porches, this row of beautifully detailed 19th Century Victorian row houses pays homage to generations of mill worker families who once called them home. The Porches is an intentional blend of the old and new. Retro-industrial architecture mingles with modern comforts, cutting edge technology and a design sensibility that could most closely be described as granny chic (bet you have never heard that term before!). The Porches is decorated with historical furniture and collectibles that range from antique plates and paint-by-number pictures framed on the walls to vintage TV lamps.