Alumni Travel

Explore unique destinations in style with our customizable alumni trips. From North America to the British Isles to Scandinavia and beyond, our team of expert trip planners develop exquisite small group trips designed for alumni programs. Trips with Blank Canvas Tours are educational, insightful, enjoyable, unique and, most importantly, memorable.

Many colleges and private high schools find that alumni travel is a great way to help build strong community amongst alumni. From top donors to younger alums, small group travel is an excellent way to feel more connected to your alma mater. At Blank Canvas Tours, we believe that a vibrant travel program is hugely beneficial to a comprehensive alumni relations program, but we also understand that it’s no easy task!

At the core of our approach to alumni travel is to build and maintain programs in a way that relieves the burden on alumni relations and development teams. Our alumni travel team at Blank Canvas Tours take on the marketing, trip planning, outreach and ongoing communication for each trip, ensuring a first-class experience for alumni, without hundreds of hours of work from staff at the school. We understand the time and resources to create and maintain a successful alumni travel program. It’s an obstacle that many schools face, and results in alumni relations and development efforts on more immediate fundraising campaigns. Our goal is to eliminate those obstacles, effectively outsourcing the risk, resources and effort required, with zero financial commitment.

Most importantly, our trips are world-class. From exploring the Northern Lights in Finland, Sweden and Norway to exploring art and culture in New Mexico, we ensure the highest-quality experience for every traveler.

Please see below for our list of popular trips. We also work with many schools to customize itineraries across new locations and work to provide the perfect trip for each school.