Blank Canvas FAQ’s


1) How do group tours with Blank Canvas work?

Our goal is to ensure that every guest has the best possible experience on a tour. This includes the opportunity to make connections and travel with a group of peers but also to explore great destinations on your own. We limit our tours to 20 people in order to maintain the feel of a small group vacation. Each day is split into a morning, afternoon and evening block, with performances or adventures typically slated for two of the three blocks. The remaining block will be an opportunity to explore our unique destinations on your own, or in a group of your choosing. For these exploration blocks, our leaders will provide a detailed list of recommendations, and will even guide smaller groups on hikes or trips to smaller museums or historical sites.

2) Who leads the trips?

Each Blank Canvas trip is staffed by a minimum of three tour guides. Our guides have extensive area knowledge and will have visited every hotel, restaurant, museum and concert venue prior to the trip. These guides are there for your every need – from luggage and transportation to recommendations and insight on every stop of the trip. We are here to ensure that your vacation exceeds expectations, and every detail is accounted for.

3) I’m hesitant about traveling in a group. What are the benefits of doing this?

Blank Canvas is not group tours in the traditional sense – no herding, buses, or annoying guides. We balance the benefits of intimate group travel with the freedom to explore on your own, build connections with other guests and travel at your own pace. Our guests are from all parts of the country and world, and the opportunity to connect, discuss and explore new places with new friends is unique. You’re sure to make connections and friends that you never expected. Blank Canvas is specifically designed to give you time and choice to find your own path, while providing behind the scenes access, unique speakers and area knowledge and insight that you can only get in a group setting.

4) What does Blank Canvas offer that I can’t get booking a trip on my own?

With inside knowledge of every trip location, our team has designed Blank Canvas trips with the best of the best. Additionally, each stop on the tour includes access that individuals can’t get when booking on their own. This includes expert-guided museum tours, behind-the-scenes chats with actors and more. Additionally, by booking group travel, we are able to negotiate better rates on accommodations, tickets and dining that make the trip affordable.

5) I’m concerned about transportation – what type of vehicles will we use?

We hate piling into cramped vans or traveling via large buses just as much as everyone else. This is luxury van travel where each person is guaranteed plenty of space and comfort. We’ve designed the trip to reduce driving time as much as possible, but to ensure that all driving is comfortable.

6) What if I’m coming from a long distance and want to extend my trip on the front or backend?

Give us a call, we are happy to help you book accommodations before or after our tours, and have a lot of recommendations. Many guests choose to come in the day before our trips, particularly those flying in from long distance.

7) What do I have to do to get ready for my trip? 

All you have to do is get there, then we do the rest. Hotels and inns, gourmet dinners and picnics, tickets, transportation – we handle it all. It truly is a vacation!


Have more questions? Give us a call at 833-641-0855 or email us at [email protected]